Thursday, January 13, 2011

Patchwork Quilt Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a 30th. This was for my husbands best man's/best friend's wife. We know her quite well and I happened to know, after a big girly chat about our hobbies, that she loved making patchwork quilts. BAM the idea was there! After lots and lots of sketches in my cake ideas journal (yes, I have one) I came up with the idea of a really tall cake, plain and simple with sewing supplies on top (cotton reels, buttons, needles etc)

I made the cotton reels and numbers about a week before to get them nice and hard and ready for the cake.

I baked three chocolate cakes in my 8inch pan and iced them with a chocolate buttercream frosting.

I covered a cake board in a really nice sky blue fondant and stuck a golden yellow ribbon around the edges (I stuck it on using Royal Icing)

Now, I'd never covered such a tall cake before and I came to find this was much harder than a normal height cake! I rolled out my fondant (also in that deep sky blue colour) and put piping gel on the top of the iced cake and the bottom edges (like normal) but not in the middle. BIG MISTAKE! It didn't stick to the sides of the cake properly because there was no piping gel there (and the buttercream had already set at this stage!)

Long story short, the fondant started ripping in places on the sides! Eek! What to do? Well, I decided it's a quilt cake, I'll put some patchwork fondant over the big holes! -Crisis averted!

It was really really hard to cut perfect squares in the fondant because I didn't have any square cookie cutters at that stage. If you ever want to cut squares out of fondant I highly recommend buying a set of Wilton square cookie cutters! I went a bit crazy at this point and took a quick mental health break. Then hubby came and reminded me we were on a tight deadline (this was a surprise birthday party) So I got back to it and all turned out well!

We arrived at the party and everyone gave me compliments and wanted business cards, I had only just ordered my business cards at that stage so unfortunately I had nothing to give out!

The birthday girl arrived and was completely surprised by the turnout her husband had arranged. She loved the cake and the cupcakes (I'll post them another time!) I made and we all sat down to enjoy a piece of cake.

Patchwork quilt cake? Piece of cake ;-)