Monday, June 20, 2011

J'adore Macarons - French Macaron Review Part 1

I've just gotten back from my four week Europe holiday, two of which were spent touring six countries! I can honestly tell you, I need a holiday after my holiday!
The sights were amazing, the food was superb and as we got closer and closer to Paris the more excited I got. I knew we only had one full day there so I got out my "Paris' Best Macarons" print out with the map and started planning our day.

Macarons Pierre Herme
Pierre Herme Macarons

Rose Flavoured Macaron from Pierre Herme

The five shops I wanted to visit weren't the only thing I wanted to see and do in Paris (obviously!) there was the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and shopping down the Champs Elysees (luckily we had seen the Louvre and Eiffel Tower the night before)
These five macaron stores turned out to be quite a walk from one another so we only got time to see two out of those five BUT we did find another nice macaron store called Pierre Marcolini on accident.

Me and my friends buying French Macarons in Paris

First Macaron Experience: Pierre Marcolini
This store looked so fancy and up market. They sold thousands for different varieties of chocolates and sweet treats. The shop assistant was lovely and very patient with us English speaking tourists. I took a group of Contiki friends in with me who had never tried macarons and we had a great time picking out flavours and taking photos.

Pierre Marcolini Macarons

The Verdict: Pierre Marcolini
The decorated macarons here looked almost too good to eat, I loved the shiny ones! The consistency of the macarons, however, reminded me of the ones back home. They were a bit dry and the flavours weren't as strong. I had the Strawberry Daquiri and the Mojito, lovely flavours and lovely looking but they were just a little too dry for me.

Pierre Herme
Pierre Herme

Second macaron experience: Pierre Herme
I LOVE the bright colours and energy this store had! From the cute "J'aime les macarons!" signs to the lovely customer service, Pierre Herme was perfect! At this stage I thought I was going to try hundreds more macarons this day so only bought TWO macarons! Crazy, I know!

Pierre Herme Macarons

Pierre Herme Macarons

The Verdict: Pierre Herme
LOVE love love! I had Rose and Jasmine macarons and the flavours were beautiful, not too much, just right on the spot. The textures were great, semi soft with a crisp shell. I tried some of my friends flavours, the one I remember best was Liquorice & Violet which was lovely and no nasty taste of liquorice (but I don't think it's supposed to taste like the candy)
Pierre Herme seem to fill their macarons more than I'm used to, but it doesn't effect the taste in a bad way, their shells are crispy and they were nice and light.

Third macaron experience: Laduree
To be continued...

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