Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Me and my niece, Cleo, decided to decorate cupcakes for a fun activity as part of our exciting hanging out together day. We decided on Cookie Monster Cupcakes to match our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavoured cupcakes. So I got all the stuff we needed ready and got decorating with her.

Here's a little tutorial of how to make a Cookie Monster cupcake. You can also use coconut to make Cookie's fur, like these awesome ones, but not everyone LOVES coconut and it won't always go with the cupcake flavour (like mine)

Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Cookie Monster Cupcakes

What you will need:
Cupcakes to decorate (recipe here)
Buttercream Icing (recipe below)
Blue Colouring (I used Wilton's Royal Blue, and used a lot!)
Piping Bag
Tip Number 233 (Grass tip)
White Chocolate Buttons (or marshmallows or fondant) for the eyes
Black Fondant (or black icing or chocolate chips) for the black dots on the eyes
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making Icing for Cupcakes
Cleo Mixing the Buttercream

Buttercream Icing
140g Unsalted Butter (softened)
2 C Icing Sugar
1 t Vanilla Essence
Blue Food Colouring
1 - 2 T Water

1) Cream butter until light and fluffy.
2) Add icing sugar and vanilla.
3) Add blue food colouring, if you use a gel be aware that the colour will develop over time, I used a LOT of blue gel to get this colour and left it for about half an hour to get it to this shade.
4) Add water to get the consistency you like (not too soft as it softens up in your hands while you pipe it out)

Decorating Cupcakes
Cleo Piping the Cookie Monster Hair

Piping Cookie Monster's Fur
1) Fill piping bag about half full with tip 233 (grass tip) attached.
2) Starting on the outer edge of the cupcake, gently squeeze piping bag and attach to cupcake, pull back while still slightly squeezing then release, this takes a bit of practice, it took me two cupcakes until I got the hang of it.
3) Continue piping "fur" around in circles from the outer edge into the middle.
4) Fill in any gaps you see along the way.

Decorating Cookie Monster's Face
1) Roll black fondant into tiny balls and attach to the flat side of white chocolate buttons. You can make lots of funny expressions for Cookie Monster with the eyes, cross eyed, eyes in different directions, big eyes, it's up to you!
2) Break mini cookies in half.
3) Gently press the eyes and cookie into the blue furry cupcake, you can be as creative as you like with this.

Cookie Monster Cupcake
Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Now, Eat! "Nom nom nom, ME LOVE COOKIE!"

Cookie Monster Cupcake
Cleo Enjoying a Cookie Monster Cupcake

Oh and...clean up the kitchen!

Messy Kitchen
My Messy Kitchen


  1. Our little girl is famous! What awesome pics!

  2. Fantastic cookins and so realistic looking! Nick and Meghan now want Cleo to make some for them. Her legendary scrambled eggs on toasted muffins have been a treat for breakfast this week. A budding chef perhaps!