Sunday, July 17, 2011

Princess Cake

Have you ever had everything go wrong with a project you're working on? Well, I have.

First there was the white chocolate cake disaster. Last week I tried making a white chocolate cake for a princess cake I had coming up for the weekend. It turned out HORRIBLE. I don't know if it was me (probably was) or the white chocolate I used (also, probably was) or the recipe (Planet Cakes book) but it turned out rock solid.

Chocolate Cake and Failed White Chocolate Cake

Then there was the other cakes, the replacement cakes. I decided on a Vanilla Bean Cake recipe I found online for the bottom tier to replace the white chocolate cake. This turned out to be WAY too sweet and tasted a bit funny because I put in a little extra vanilla paste. Also, these cakes were TINY, they hardly rose at all so I ended up having to buy a packet cake mix, noooo! Luckily my trusty Chocolate Cake Recipe worked out perfectly, as usual!

EW! Packet Cake!

Then there was the dodgy crown. I wanted to make a princess crown to go on top of the cake. I found a tutorial online but by the time I had found it I didn't have as much time as what they suggested (about a week I think) so I made two crowns out of gumpaste and fondant, one was a crappy back up crown, the other was loosely based on the tutorial I followed. Once I took the crown off the glass mould I have it sitting on, it came apart at the seam and one of the spikes fell off!

Gumpaste Crown
Gumpaste Crown and Back up Crown

Then there was my rusty cake decorating skills. I hadn't decorated a cake in about three months and gotten so rusty, I even forgot how to cover a cake board in fondant!

LUCKILY, it all got easier once the cakes were levelled, iced and covered in fondant. I had a bit of trouble getting the criss cross pattern on the top tier but it looked okay from the front. I piped Royal Icing around the purple diamonds on the crown and attached silver cachous to create a royal jewel look.

Princess Cake
The Finished Product

Princess Cake
Princess Cake with Fondant Star Decorations

In the end I was VERY happy with the result. VERY VERY happy, considering the pain it took to get there! The cake was for my friends four year old daughter (the princess) Charlotte. When I arrived she was so excited about the cake and even helped me put the fondant star decorations on. She looked every bit the part, especially with her face painted (by the incredibly talented, Sarah at Fab Faces) what a magical day!

Princess Face Paint
Birthday Princess

Princess Cake
Birthday Girl with her Princess Cake

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