Monday, February 7, 2011

Toy Story Cupcakes

I recently made cupcakes for a Toy Story Dessert Table, this was for my Mum's 50th birthday and as I've mentioned before, she's Gluten intolerant. The recipe I used for the vanilla cupcakes was my basic Vanilla Cupcakes recipe. I just substituted normal flour for Healtheries Gluten Free Baking Mix. I like using the Healtheries Baking Mix because they already mix the different GF flours and gum so I don't have to!The recipe held up quite well with the GF flour, I made them the night before the event and the next day a few of them were a little sticky on top but other than that, they tasted really good! This recipe makes approx 40 mini cupcakes.

Toy Story Dessert Cupcakes

Toy Story Dessert Table

My friend, Danelle, helped me make the second half of the cupcakes for the Toy Story Dessert Table. She used a recipe from Healthy Food Magazine for a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake. This recipe made approx 35 minis. The chocolate cupcakes seemed to me to have quite a lot of ingredients, I wouldn't mind finding a simplified version of the recipe, I guess I'll have to keep looking! The main thing was, they tasted really good!

Toy Story Dessert Table

Toy Story Dessert Table

The icing I made for the minis was just plain buttercream icing (120g butter, 3C icing sugar & 1t vanilla essence) and I added lots of cocoa to the chocolate one (about 1/4c....maybe more!)

The decorations on the Toy Story cupcakes pictured were all made out of fondant and made in advance, ready to be stuck on.... and then munched on!

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