Sunday, August 21, 2011

Green Bow Cake

I go to a church called Auckland Bible Church. It used to be held in a school hall but a few months ago we moved into a lovely HUGE building, with all sorts of fantastic facilities.

Celebration Cake for my Church

Our church decided to celebrate this wonderful building that we are blessed to have and held a special celebration lunch.

I haven't been very involved at church but I really wanted to have some sort of input and help out in some way, so (naturally) I made a cake!

The Newsletter with the Cake

When we moved to the new building we also got a whole new branding and logo for our church so I used the colours and piped the logo on the top.

Although my original idea (stars exploding out to top, logo on the side) was quite different to how it ended up I am REALLY happy with how it turned out!

Set up at Church with Stars

By the way, this is what my kitchen looked like after making the chocolate cakes and icing. It looked like a chocolate bomb went off!

Messy Kitchen!

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