Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where to Buy Cake Decorating Supplies in NZ

I've had lots of people ask me lately where to buy proper cake decorating supplies from. I live in Auckland and we don't have very much in the way of craft/hobby shops here (sadly!) But as I've gotten more into cake decorating I've found a few handy shops.

Picture from Martha Stewart

This is where I did my cake decorating and cake pop courses, they sell almost everything you need for cake decorating and always have the basics. It's a good idea, though, to ring beforehand if you have some specific requirements. I've been there plenty of times when they have run out of cake boards and gel colours I need (the basics)! Argh! I buy my gumpaste and gels here all the time but NEVER buy the fondant there, it is expensive to get the Bakels variety and the Wilton one tastes disgusting! (honestly, it tasted like playdough!)

The Home Store:
The last time I was in the Milford Home Store I was so impressed by the amount of cake decorating supplies available. They had large quantities of popular items that would otherwise sell out, clever thinking! They also had lots of decorating supplies I had never seen before like kits to make candy jewels. I was also impressed with the range of cupcake cases, it took me so long to choose one lot to buy!

Spotlight sells a lot of cake decorating supplies, including some things in the Wilton range as well as the Satin Ice fondant range. I find Spotlight handy for things like cake boards, cellophane bags, essences and other odds and ends.

Stevens is getting more and more into the baking side now. You'll find a good variety of cupcake cases and cookie cutters here and quite often you can get them on sale! You can find great cake and cupcake stands here at reasonable prices too.

Living and Giving:
Living and Giving generally have a small cake decorating range, mainly Wilton. But they do have some funky things like silicone tea cup cupcake cases and cool measuring spoons. There are some lovely cake stands at Living and Giving too.

This is where I buy my fondant from. I use Bakels Pettince fondant. You can also buy a chocolate fondant (this is great for making black fondant) but it's a bit more tricky to find.

Of course you can Google until your hearts content! There are quite a few Kiwi online cake decorating suppliers around who are great if you have questions too! Kiwi Cakes and Cake Stuff are the two online stores I've bought from in the past and I recommend these.


  1. Hi Thank you for your great tips about Cake decoating ideas This is excellent suggestion for a beginner in decorating cake.

    1. Hi Kris,
      That is quite alright, hope it helps a little!

  2. Miss Bon Bon's in New Lynn
    Couture Cakes in Glendene
    Sweet Bites Cakes in Lincoln Nth-Henderson
    Ballons Direct in Henderson

    Just to name a few..

    1. Thanks, yes there are quite a few more stores I could add to it. Just keeping it simple for now.

  3. Thank you. Your tips are most helpful