Monday, February 20, 2012

Ombre Wedding Cake

A couple of weeks ago I drove down (by myself!) to Tauranga (about three hours south of where I live, Auckland) for my cousins wedding. Hubby wasn't able to get any time off work so I was going to the wedding alone! The car ride down was a bit of a challenge trying to operate the ipod, the GPS, open the bag of pretzels, open the container of blueberries (which is fairly hard to do when you're not driving anyway!)
I made it there in one piece though! As soon as I arrived I saw two of my cousins who also live in Auckland and asked if they wanted to accompany me on the way back. Luckily they said yes and the trip back was a lot easier and a whole lot more fun!

Me and my Cousins!

Back to the wedding...we had a great time at the wedding, it was a beautiful service and beautiful weather to match! I got to catch up with my cousins who I hadn't seen in YEARS! We actually all got along really well and had a great time being stupid and singing songs (Glee style!)

James and Taylah (Photo from Taylah's friend)

My cousin and his (now) wife saw my orange ombre cake on my blog a while back and thought that would be a cool cake to have as a wedding cake instead of a traditional one. They have good taste! Their wedding colours were peach with a bit of greenery so I went with a light peachy colour and gradually made it darker toward the bottom of the cake.

Ombre Wedding Cake
Ombre Wedding Cake

Ombre Wedding Cake
Ombre Wedding Cake

The next day my family got together at a nice little cafe and celebrated my aunties 50th and my cousins 21st. It was so nice to relax with family and have a good time. We ate yummy food, took some photos then made our way back to our homes. The trip home seemed SO much faster than on the way up then it was home sweet home!

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  1. I love this one! The ombre worked out perfectly. Go you! :D