Friday, December 28, 2012

Red Velvet Christmas Trees Brownies

Well, Christmas is over, done and dusted. Now it's just a few days until the new year is upon us!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed at least a few days off from your busy lives.

I have got one more week off (lucky me!) then I'm back to temping , in February I will be back to student life. Better enjoy wearing corporate clothes again while I can!

Red Velvet Christmas Tree Brownies

I came up with the idea of making red velvet brownie Christmas trees a few months ago and I'm not sure if the concept was better than the real thing.

I had never tried red velvet brownies before so was just going with my knowledge of red velvet cake but I think I should have stuck to the recipe on this one!

Red Velvet Christmas Tree Brownies

Most recipes call on a white chocolate buttercream to top the brownie but noooo, I chose to pair it with cream cheese icing, like the cakes traditionally have. Little did I know the brownie would turn out to be rather boring.

My suggestion would be to add a good serving of white chocolate chips or white chocolate chunks into the batter, either that or white chocolate buttercream (like the original recipe suggests). Next time I'll definitely try this!

Despite the blandness of the brownies (okay, they weren't that bad, I'm just hard on myself!) I actually quite liked how these looked.

Red Velvet Christmas Tree Brownies

I tried to find a cream cheese icing that would keep its shape when I piped, unfortunately this meant that the icing tasted more buttery than cream cheesey and I didn't like it much.

But as for the decorating, I tried out different tips and surprised myself with what could be done with the tips I had on hand!

Red Velvet Christmas Tree BrowniesRed Velvet Christmas Tree Brownies

I personally quite like the fat zig-zag one whereas Mr S said it reminded him of something rude and proceeded to laugh at it. Nice.

The sprinkles were my favourite bit. You may have noticed that they are in a colour sequence and that may just point to me being a weirdo obsessive compulsive freak. Who knows?!

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  1. This is beautiful! I just want to lick the bowl... This looks AMAZING! Fantastic job!!! <3