Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Rosette Cake

I've been trying to eat healthy for the last few weeks only to find myself eating (what felt like) my body weight in cheese and chocolate in the weekend at a fondue night.

My bad.

So here I am forcing down a tuna salad and snacking on grapes. The joys of healthy eating.

Healthy eating doesn't usually go hand in hand with baking. Is it just me or does healthy baking sound like an oxymoron (love that word!)

Chocolate Rosette Cake

I attempted to make some healthy muffins today only to find they didn't come with a baking time (who does that?!) and tasted like I was being punished for my weekend-fondue-binge.

I went through what I now am going to refer to as "bakers depression" and almost put Lydia Bakes on indefinite hiatus.

Not long after, I was trawling my baking photos and found some old cake pictures from late last year. I found a very plain-jane cake that took me a few minutes to create which I posted on Facebook and received awesome feedback on.

Chocolate Rosette Cake

Positive re-enforcement. That's just what I needed. I couldn't remember what the cake was for so I checked the Facebook post. That's when I re-read everyone's comments. Oh the love! No more feeling sorry for myself and my terrible terrible muffins.

So I thought I might as well share this 'amazing' cake. The recipe is just my plain (mix in one bowl) chocolate cake recipe and you can use the rose swirl cupcake decorating technique just the same on the sides.

Thanks to everyone who left me encouraging and empathetic comments. Every now and then you just want to have a moan and it's nice to know you listened and made me feel loved!


  1. Oh Lydia - why is it when we are "being good" we feel the whole world is miserable! Thank you for not putting your lovely blog on hold, I enjoy checking it regularly - been a bit lax in commenting though so will try and keep it up - just to encourage you!

    1. Awh thank you Alli!
      It's also stuff to do with the blog layout, not having a graphic designed blog/logo, lack of photography skills that has been getting me down. Possibly too much comparing myself to other blogs lately.
      But I'm feeling much better now! Thanks for your encouragement!