Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mark & Leanne's Wedding Cake

As you're probably aware, I'm not much of a wedding cake maker. There has been the odd occasion, my best friends wedding, my cousins wedding and now to add to the list I have created wedding cake #3, Mark and Leanne's wedding cake.

Wedding cakes usually sound alarm bells in my head. I think of the immense pressure and expectation, not to mention all the things that could go wrong.

It's only for the special people in my life that I actually feel safe enough to venture into this scary territory!

Wedding Cake

Mark and Leanne are very special to me. Mr S has been BFF with Mark since they were teenagers with long hair, skating, listening to metal and trying to pick up the ladies (unsuccessfully I guess?) So their bro-mance goes back pretty far.

It has been awesome getting to know both Mark and Leanne over the years and we consider them as part of our family now.

Wedding CakeWedding Cake

You may remember a purple engagement cake I made a couple of years ago, as you can probably guess this is the same people! How exciting, making an engagement and wedding cake for them!

It has been so exciting following them on this journey. Their wedding was absolutey beautiful, Mr S made a wonderful best man's speech and everyone loved the cake (huge sigh of relief).

Congratulations Mark and Leanne, we wish you all the very best in your future endevours and can't wait to be part of your future together! xx


  1. What a lovely looking couple - they are very happy, Great effort on the wedding cake, it looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Alison! It was such a beautiful wedding, I was so lucky to be part of it!

  2. Ahh, so this is the cake :-) it looks fantastic Lydia. So much talent.

    1. Yes! This is the one with the fruit cake fiasco! I didn't eat the fruit cake but I heard it was good so no dramas!
      I actually made a mock top tier for them to keep which is also fruit cake, it's sitting in my cupboard!

  3. This cake was delicioussss :) I enjoyed helping you put it on plates lol! If i ever get married you are sooo making mine :)