Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Irish Pot of Gold Cake

Happy St Patricks Day everybody! This Sunday everyone will be out drinking Guiness and putting on their worst Irish accents "fiddily dee" "top of the morning to ya!"

I made this cake last year for my sister-in-law's mother's birthday (whew what a mouthful!) Her party was Irish themed and I had the job to make the cake.

The only problem was the party was in Wellington! Wellington is either a nine hour drive or a one hour flight away from Auckland (where I live) so getting the cake there was going to be interesting.

Irish Pot of Gold Cake

The shamrock was actually quite hard to make as I didn't have a cutter for it! Instead I used a heart cutter and cut along the edges (took a few goes to get it right).

As the cake need to be transported I didn't stick it together so you'll notice a big seam in the middle of the two tiers. Usually I put some royal icing or fondant around there.

I also made little fondant shamrocks on wires to stick out of the cake. Unfortunately I couldn't put them in for the photos so you'll just have to imagine it!

Irish Pot of Gold CakeIrish Pot of Gold Cake

In the end the cake was given to some friends who were flying down. I had to securely put both tiers in containers with instructions and bits and pieces to put the cake together.

It's terrifying to make a cake but not be able to actually set it up yourself for the event!

Apparently my sheet of instructions worked well and the cake looked (and tasted) great. What a relief!

Tomorrow in preschool we are celebrating St Patricks Day, better get out my green clothes and start practising my Irish accent!

How are you spending St Patricks Day this weekend?

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