Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Look Lydia Bakes

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm sure you have noticed the fantastic new look here at Lydia Bakes. 

This is all thanks to my amazing friend, Danelle, who also happens to be a blogger, graphic designer and wedding photographer (yes I know, some people get all the gifts!)

Danelle has blogged about our adventure of getting the layout of my blog looking like this, check it out for a better insight into what she did. I have to say, she did an amazing job don't you think?

Mini Gingerbread Houses for your MugMint Chocolate High Hat Cupcakes

The original idea was to move my entire blog to Wordpress and go self hosted. To those of you who don't know what that means (okay I hardly know what that means myself!)  it's a bit of a big job. Well, now Blogger and Google has stopped me doing that, it's a long and annoying story so I'm staying put and making the changes that I can make right here.

So all you need to know is I'm not going anywhere!

I am, however, going to be working on re-formatting every post (that's 302 posts!)and re-creating recipes to make changes and photographing them to match the rest of the blog. I hate inconsistency!

So things may get quiet until everything is back to normal but I assure you I am working on it!

Valentines Sugar CookiesCreme Egg Cupcakes

One thing I would like to ask my amazing and loyal readers is what you would like to see here at Lydia Bakes?

Is it more recipes of a certain type? More tutorials? More photos of Pecan? (please be that option) or more cafe reviews and giveaways? 

I would love to know what you would like to see! So please be as specific as possible and I will try my best to produce an awesome blog for you in return!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every single person who visits my blog, the 76 followers on Twitter, the 122 followers on Instagram, the 330 followers on Pinterest and the 597 600 followers on Facebook. I really do appreciate your support. I love your comments and it makes my day when you show me photos of your baking!

Thank you!


  1. The new look site is beautiful Lydia, you and Danelle did such a wonderful job!

    I would love to see more of your unbelievably gorgeous photography - I swear I gush about it more and more everytime I visit your blog!

    Cafe reviews would also be wonderful (especially more co-blogger expeditions a la Little & Friday hee hee) and more of your beautiful cakes.

    Keep up the amazing work


  2. I have only recently discovered your blog (through Danelle's Tumblr), and I just would like to say how beautiful it is!
    I'm partial to interesting cakes and cupcakes, but I also like looking at anything sweet!

  3. Love the new look....just gorgeous!

  4. I like all that you show, but would enjoy more tarts and pies.


  5. Gorgeous new look - bugger you have do all that reformatting though, what a pain!

    I'd LOVE to see more photos of Pecan, can't get enough kitty photos.

    Could you do a post re: what a beginner baker should have in terms of bakeware? I seriously suck at baking, & would like to improve, but don't have a lot of things to bake stuff in. & I have no icing tips & bags or anything like that. I'd like to get some of this stuff, but be particular about what I get as I'm on a student budget.

    Also, perhaps you could include a "taster" session & just courier everyone the things you make. Especially the crunchie cupcakes. Cos that'd rock.

  6. I would love you to continue on with the sweet recipes, maybe throw in a savoury every now and then? And photos of Pecan, of course! Awesome new design. Love it.