Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake

You know when you have one of those days were you're maybe a little too confident?

Then the world puts you in you place by making everything you touch turn to failure?

No? Is that just me?

Well a little while ago I had one of those days. I was feeling quietly confident that this cake would be a breeze and went about it as normal, making a one and a half quantity of my chocolate cake mix.

I realised I had two different giant cupcake tins I could use and ummed and ahhed about which one to use. In the end, after reading lots about how the metal ones don't cook evenly I decided to cook the bottom in the metal tin and the top in the silicone tin.

Halfway through cooking I noticed that the top of the cake just wasn't rising enough so I threw it out and refilled it with a little bit more mixture and popped it back in.

Half way through that cooking time when I went to check on it I came to a halt at the kitchen and screamed. The most horrifying picture I can't get out of my mind appeared in front of me...

Cake batter dripping from the oven onto the ground.

Pink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake

I freaked out and called Mr S over to help me deal with it. Luckily men are good in these situations.

We took both cakes out then Mr S gradually scraped out the entire top of my cake which was now stuck (and baking onto) the sides and bottom of the oven.

I was ridiculously lucky in that I had made way too much cake batter so I still had a bit left to work with. I popped it in the same (cursed) silicone tin, which I then put on a baking tray (learnt my lesson now) and waited for it to bake completely.

Pink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake

The rest of the cake was a breeze compared to that! I iced the whole thing with pink vanilla buttercream, stuck fondant on the bottom and indented the sides with a chop stick. Then used the rose swirl technique to cover the top tier with the buttercream.

Pink 21st Giant Cupcake CakePink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake
Pink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake

I made the decorations the day before using a mixture of pink fondant and gumpaste, I made tiny fondant roses (using this tutorial) and a giant 21 then dipped them in a generous coating of edible pink glitter. I love that stuff!

Pink 21st Giant Cupcake Cake

So the cake turned out perfect in the end. But not without some drama along the way.

Just trying to keep things interesting ya know!

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