Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scrabble Cake

It's great when my baking life and study intertwine. Like yesterday, for instance, I actually wrote this observation: "playdough with stuff sticking out the top means it is a birthday cake" clearly.

I also got to do some baking with the children where they actually made their own individual cookie doughs. Was hard work to keep track of the consistencies (runny cookies anyone?) but in the end they each had their own cookies they made themselves!

I'm thinking about doing some cake decorating with them this week but not sure what exactly to do, sometimes simplicity is best, especially when working with children! Any ideas would be gladly welcomed in the comments section below (or Facebook or Twitter!)

This cake was made for a friends mother-in-law who is a keen Scrabble player. I was given the invite and decided I liked it so much I'd use it as inspiration.

inviteScrabble Cake

Don't want to toot my own horn too much but I think some of those Scrabble tiles actually look like real ones! Want to know my trick? Find out the real Scrabble tile size and make them to scale (which is 18.5mm x 21mm by the way!)

Scrabble Cake
Scrabble CakeScrabble Cake

I also went to great lengths (don't ask) to get the colours exactly right. Once I was there I rolled it thick and used a piece of paper the same size as a Scrabble tile to measure each piece. I find it easier to use my metal ruler as a knife (I wash it first of course!)

Once the Scrabble tiles were cut I simply used an edible black marker to write the letters and numbers on them. I also looked up each of the letters and what they were worth, didn't want to get that one wrong!

Scrabble CakeScrabble Cake

After placing a few random pink and blue tiles around the cake I finished it off with blue ribbon to match. I love the simplicity of this design, I guess I can't take credit as I modelled it on the invite!

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  1. I'm a scrabble fan and this is fantastic! Great job.