Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vegan Cake Pops for Fall Out Boy

A little while ago I was asked to make cake pops for Fall Out Boy.


I know.

So I said yes. Which was kind of crazy of me. But the last time I turned down this kind of offer I was really kicking myself (cake pops for One Direction!) So I decided I'll go with it no matter what.

I'm also a crazy huge fan of Fall Out Boy and have been ever since forever, so that helped with my decision.

Vegan Cake Pops for Fall Out Boy

A friend of a friend runs this awesome online magazine called Coup de Main and after their usual cake pop maker told them they couldn't make the cake pops they asked little old me.

Coup de Main don't do your usual run of the mill interviews with celebrities, they give them lolly lays, play games with them and give them a cake pop of themselves.

I'm certainly no pro at making cake pops and these ones proved to be even more difficult. Vegan cake pops!

So after searching the Internet high and low for a good vegan recipe and trawling Auckland for a vegan white chocolate I finally got the cake pops done and dusted.

I made Sweetapolita's Dark Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes with sweetened almond milk and without the red wine vinegar which turned out delicious. We loved eating the leftover cupcakes and you couldn't tell they were vegan at all, just delicious and moist!

Vegan Cake Pops for Fall Out BoyVegan Cake Pops for Fall Out Boy

To make them into cake pops I simply crumbled up three cupcakes then added a tiny bit of icing to bring the mixture together. Once it was a soft cookie dough like consistency I rolled them into balls, froze them for approx. 10 minutes then dipped them in vegan white chocolate (I used Sweet William Dairy Free White Chocolate).

Once the chocolate was set I used a tiny bit of fondant to decorate on all but one cake pop, the one for Andy who is the vegan one in Fall Out Boy. I used a bit of dark Whittakers chocolate to make Andy's hair.

Scariest baking project of my life. I actually felt sick. The nerves, the expectations, the taste!

Luckily they tasted good!

Vegan Cake Pops for Fall Out Boy

All in all it was a scary but cool experience to go through. Fall Out Boy ate my cake pops! *fan girl moment*

It's pretty scary to see your baking being eaten by Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, but I got past the fear and watched the interview/game they played while the both of them ate my cake pops. *Huge sigh of relief* they said they taste good! Check out the interview here.

That's all I needed to hear!


  1. do you mind sharing the recipe for the cake pops- they both said that they were really good and i would like to try:{) thanks!

    1. Hiya, the recipe is originally from Sweetapolita, here is the link:

      The rest of what I did is in the instructions above.

      Hope that helps!

  2. They look great - I love how you did the hairstyles :) Have you made any other types of cake pops? Would love to see other ideas...

    Just discovered your blog and love reading it :)

    1. Thank you, you're so sweet!
      I've made a few others, the photos aren't as good but I'll post the links below for you :-)

      Let me know if you'd like any cake pop tips, if you make them send me a photo via Facebook message, I'd love to see!

      Mr Potato Head cake pops:

      Dr Seuss themed cake pops:

      Strawberry, cupcake, popcorn, owl, sheep, apple cake pops from a cake pop course I attended:

  3. Where did u buy the dairy free white chocolate? I live in vegas

    1. I got it from a gluten free/health food shop, maybe try somewhere that makes allergy friendly products or vegan products? Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you! I went to Albertson and walked on their Kosher aisle and saw varieties of colored dairy free candy melt! Its called Gefen Wonder melt! I got lucky!

  4. Hi!

    I tried this cupcake recipe tonight but it did not turn out how the pictures made it seem ): They were incredibly dense with oil because the recipe says 1-1/4 C, but I'm wondering if you used that amount or if you only used 1/4 cup?
    The taste was amazing, but they were not moist and fluffy but more heavy & rock-like. Any advice would help as I would like to remake them as soon as I can! (:

    1. Hi,
      Sorry your cupcakes didn't turn out as expected. Did you check the comments section on the original recipe? I am not sure why yours turned out dense but I wouldn't think it was because of the oil content, as that would make it less dense. Did you change up anything else in the recipe?
      The only advice I can give is maybe try using the measurements by grams/mls rather than by cups as that can vary from different countries. So perhaps try using 320 mls of oil (if you think that was the problem) instead of 1 and a 1/4 cups of oil? Hopefully that will help, if not maybe try looking in the comments section of the original recipe on Sweetapolita, someone else is bound to have had the same problem as you!

      Sorry I couldn't be of more help! Let me know if you have any success, good luck! :-)