Monday, July 1, 2013

Purple and Yellow Wedding Cake

It's time to celebrate at long last!

I have finally finished my first year of study!

This week marks the first of my three week holiday (which isn't really a holiday as I'm still working two days a week in my centre).

The last two months got pretty intense with my studies so I decided to cut back on a few things so I could focus solely on my assignments. I stopped exercising and eating healthy because they were taking up too much time to fit in and organise and I hardly got time to bake.

Simple Wedding Cake

So in these three weeks I am finally getting back into routine with my exercise and eating which doesn't work in so well with all the baking I have planned!

I have a list of about 30 baking ideas I desperately want to make but I don't think I'll quite have enough time for that in the few days I have off.

I also need to continue revamping the blog which means baking more of the same recipes and re-photographing them so they're up to scratch!

Simple Wedding CakeSimple Wedding Cake
Simple Wedding Cake

Luckily I did a bit of baking a few months ago so have some photos to share with you all today. In fact it was wedding season so I was lucky enough to make some cute Mr & Mrs Potato Head cake toppers, some beautiful fondant covered cookies (which I'll be posting later in the week) and this sweet and simple cake.

I made this cake for my Aunty who got married at the end of May this year. I based the colours for the cake on my Aunty's beautiful dark purple dress and her lemon yellow bouquet.

Simple Wedding CakeSimple Wedding Cake

My apologies for the massive clash of colours in the last photo. It turns out weddings bring out the crazy I-have-nothing-to-wear monster in me and in the end my orange dress (which I wear to everything) was the only thing I found in my wardrobe that was acceptable.

Once the wardrobe drama was over and the cake was delivered it was time to relax. The ceremony was lovely and I had a great time catching up with all my extended family at the beautiful reception.

Congratulations, once again, to June and Tom, wishing you all the best for your futures together!

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  1. Gorgeous cake!! I bet your aunty was stoked with it! I just love your blog and all your recipes - it's become my list of things I want to bake! I'm about to do the Wilton Decorating course so will hopefully be able to produce my own master pieces soon :-)