Sunday, November 24, 2013

Candy Crush Pinata Cake

Hello my name is Lydia and I am addicted to Candy Crush. It has been five minutes since my last game...okay that's a lie, I'm playing it right now.

If you've never played Candy Crush it's probably not a good idea to start up. Run now, while you still can.

To say Candy Crush is an addictive game would be the understatement of a century.


Candy Crush Cake

Candy Crush is a puzzle game, available on Facebook, phones and ipads. It is free to play but Candy Crush try to entice you to buy lives and boosters to help pass levels.

So far there is 500 levels but more levels are created frequently to keep up with the crazies who manage to get that far.

A few of my friends have managed to make it to the 400's, they all swear they have never purchased lives or boosters which is pretty incredible.

I am currently sitting on level 241 and I'm okay with that.


Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake

I'm not going to lie, Candy Crush has made me late on many occasions. I'll be ready to go somewhere then think to myself, I'll just quickly play Candy Crush until I run out my five lives...30 minutes later...

I made this cake for a good friend of mine, Katie, who was celebrating her 30th birthday.

Katie is currently on level 440 so a Candy Crush cake was definitely perfect for her.

I wanted to create a fun cake with cute colours to reflect Katie and Candy Crush, but I also wanted it to be fun on the inside.


Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake

I had always wanted to make a pinata cake, especially as they're so popular at the moment but didn't have a rounded cake tin or metal bowl to bake the cake in. Fortunately, that didn't stop me!

I decided to make two 6" vanilla cakes then cut a big hole out of the middle to create a space for the candy to go in.

I was a little worried about the cake sinking as pinata cakes aren't usually covered in fondant. But it turned out okay as my candy came right to the top of the hole I made.

The coolest part about making this cake was all the "research" I had to do.


Candy Crush Cake

At one point, I decided to take a break from making fondant candies, I played some Candy Crush and I'm pretty sure it brought me good luck as I finally passed a level I had been stuck on!

I didn't tell Katie about the candy inside so when it came time to cut the cake at her work the next day she was totally surprised!

Sugar Crush!

Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake

How to make a Candy Crush Pinata Cake

You will need:
2 x 6" cakes, cut in half
Large round cookie cutter (approx. 8cm diameter)
A small amount of buttercream
Candy (I used a large box of Wonka Runts)
White chocolate ganache
Gel colours (to tint your fondant)

  • Arrange the cakes on top of each other.
  • Take the two middle cakes out and cut a large circle using the cookie cutter.
  • Use a small amount of buttercream to "glue" the bottom layer of cake to the second layer. I didn't put any buttercream on the bottom as I didn't want the candy to go soggy so mine is just around the ring part.
  • Place the next two layers of cake on with more buttercream in between each layer.
  • Pour candy into the hole in the middle.
  • Use buttercream to attach the top layer of the cake.
  • Cover entire cake with white chocolate ganache (you can also use buttercream but your fondant won't look as neat).
  • Tint a large amount of fondant light pink and cover the entire cake.
  • Tint fondant to the colours needed for your cake, I used blue, green and yellow for the panels around the outside, grey for the top (underneath the candies), and red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown for the candies.
  • The best advice I can give you for making the candies it to measure out how much fondant you'll use for each candy, usually I roll my fondant out evenly, then use a small cutter to measure out how much I will use, so for the red jelly beans it might be two small circles of fondant, then I shape it into the right shape. This way I know all of the jelly beans will be the same size.
  • For the stripey fondant I rolled out two long pieces of fondant (red and white or pink and white) and pinched them together at the ends, I then gently rolled them together making it smaller as I went.
  • Lastly, for the name plate roll out the light pink fondant again and press letters (if you desire) in to spell the name of the person. Using a sharp knife (I use a metal ruler) cut the sides away so you have a large rectangle around the name. Use a small circle cutter on the corners to make the rectangle look like a Candy Crush ticket.

Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake
Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake
Candy Crush CakeCandy Crush Cake
Candy Crush Cake


  1. WOW, awesome!! Such a pretty cake...and not only is it PRETTY, it's really FUN too!! ;) Well done, it looks fantastic :)

  2. I think that currently I'm your biggest stocker! I'm in love with every recipe that you post and just can't stop drooling over this beautiful food photography! <3
    also, just tried out the chocolate cloud cake recipe and it's perfect!
    keep up the great job!

    xx Marta @