Monday, February 3, 2014

Minion Cake

Happy (late) new year everybody!

It is good to be back into blogging after having a long break. I have some exciting new recipes and decorated cakes to show you this year as well as some new photos to go with old recipes (love revamping the old blog posts!)

I'm looking forward to sharing my baking stories throughout 2014 and hope to make some more cool cakes like this one I made last year for my friends boyfriend.

The year before I made the Air Jordan shoe cake for his birthday cake so this year I assumed I would make something similar, maybe another shoe or something equally manly and cool.

To my surprise my friends boyfriend requested a Minion cake. You heard me right, a Minion cake!

Minion Cake

I was over the moon at making anything besides a shoe to be quite honest and the idea of making a Minion cake got me all excited!

The tricky thing is that everyone (in the cake world anyway) makes 3D Minion cakes and I didnn't have the time or money to make something on that kind of scale.

I had to think of something cool, that involved a Minion, looked cute and yet still boy-ish.

Minion CakeMinion Cake

All along I had this idea of making a cake decorated like a cake with fondant then have a Minion on top licking his lips eagerly. The problem was all the cakes I had seen like this were very pink.

Eventually I found this cake by Torta Couture Cakes and I loved every single thing about it! I decided to adapt it a little and added my Minion friend on top.

The Minion (his name is Phil by the way) was harder than I thought and I found myself doing the usual perfectionist thing; stating that it wasn't good enough, stomping away and having a cry, then coming back and quietly finishing it off.

I had lots of fun making this cake and am really pleased with how it turned out but the best thing about making it was definitely the "research" and by research I mean watching Despicable Me 1 and 2 of course!

Minion Cake

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