Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sun Hat Cake

What kind of cake do you make for someone turning 80 who has worn hats her whole life?

A hat cake of course!

My friend Catherine asked me to make her mother's 80th birthday cake and said the design was up to me.

That's always tricky, because it's almost too much freedom. Too many ideas are not always a good thing!

Sun Hat Cake

So together we discussed her mother, Bessie, what her interests were and things that would look good as a cake.

Catherine's parents are well known for their love of raw food and vegetables but considering I had already made them a vegetable themed cake for their 50th anniversary I didn't think I should make another one.

Then Catherine got talking about Bessie's love of hats. The story goes that she is never seen without a hat and has a hat for every occasion. Hats are just kind of her "thing".

Sun Hat CakeSun Hat Cake

After the idea for the cake was set, I just had to get to work on the design, that was all up to me. I settled on a beige coloured hat (a bit like a straw hat) with a blue bow and lots of pretty flowers and buttons adorning the side of the hat.

The cake itself was two vanilla cakes with white chocolate ganache. I was a little nervous at first because when you are carving a cake into a round hat-like shape it really looks nothing like a hat until you have most of the fondant on top!

That being said I had a clear vision in my head the whole time and I was happy with the outcome, exactly what I had hoped for!

Happy 80th birthday Bessie!

Sun Hat Cake

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  1. Aw such a cute idea for a cake! I still need to try white choc ganache too - bet it's yummy! x