Sunday, March 30, 2014

Batman Cake

Wow it has been a very busy week. The last four weeks I have been on a practicum placement at a preschool down the road. Practicums are pretty much like full time work and full time study put together, fun.

So things were busy enough in my life as it were, but then we have also been house hunting so that added another stressful element. Last week we found a lovely little brick and tile house that we made an offer on, seven working days later and guess what?! We own a home!

Batman Cake

Our offer went unconditional on Friday and we'll be moving at the end of April to our very own home! The house is so cute and has so much potential, we just can't wait to move in!

Meanwhile most things in my life have been set aside, namely, baking. I did make time, however, for one very special birthday cake I had been excited to make from the get go.

Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Batman CakeBatman Cupcakes

My amazing friend Amanda asked me to make this cake for her husband Jeremy's birthday this year. She picked the coolest Batman cake design by Luna Cakes which was nice and simple.

To make the Batman logo I printed off a picture of the Batman logo in the size I wanted, cut it out then traced around it with a sharp knife onto rolled out black fondant. I was quite pleased with how to came out in the end!

Batman CakeBatman Cupcakes

I doubled my vanilla cupcakes recipe for the cake and ended up having enough mixture left over to make some extra cupcakes. With a bit of yellow buttercream and some home made Batman cupcake toppers I had Batman cupcakes too!

Now it's time to pack, wish me luck! Especially finding places to put all of my cake decorating gear!

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