Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dr Who Tardis Cake

It's a busy year for me. The reason I can tell is because when August sneaks up on me and I'm all of a sudden planning cakes for everyone's birthdays (because most of the population is born in August and September apparently) then I know there's not long to go until...Christmas! Dun dun DUN!

Christmas used to be a lovely holiday filled with happiness, food and joy. Now it is still all those things, but is also a painful reminder that another year is passing! Please world, slow down for once!

It's also hard not to get stressed when Christmas stock goes on sale in August! Who needs to buy Christmas lights and candy canes in August people? (Okay, that would probably be me).

Dr Who Tardis Cake

Nevertheless, I found myself planning my nieces birthday cake a few weeks out from her birthday with ease this year. That's because she's just like me in that she has obsessions. She calls it fangirling, I call it normal.

The flavour of the month (or year) is Dr Who and before you ask, no I don't watch it. I am sure I would love it and would no doubt help me to understand all of the Internet memes and comments my niece makes. However, I just simply don't have the time for it (my life motto at the moment!)

Still, I know a thing or two about what's happening in the cake world and Dr Who cakes are COOL.

Dr Who Tardis CakeDr Who Tardis Cake

I have no idea what a Police Box is or why the Doctor uses it. I kept referring to as a blue telephone box while making it, much to many Dr Who fans disgust I'm sure! But I managed to make a cake that resembles the "Tardis" (don't know what that means either!)

I made a double batch of vanilla cake in my square tins and tinted half the mixture bright blue. I attempted to make a zebra effect but it didn't really work in the end, sadly. Still, a blue and white speckled cake is close enough right?

Dr Who Tardis CakeDr Who Tardis Cake

For the first time in forever I decided not to get too technical and actually didn't measure anything, I just cut long strips of blue fondant and eyeballed it. The writing on the black was done with silver lustre dust and the note was hand written with a black edible pen. All in all the cake didn't take long to decorate and I was pretty happy with the outcome, as was my niece, which is the most important thing!

Happy birthday to the coolest niece in the whole entire world, hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be and more!


  1. Hi Lydia!
    Just a friendly note to say I mentioned you in a post about pretty food styling that I recently blogged!
    Love your content! (especially this one as my hubby and I are Doctor Who fans)

    xo Maree - Rose Tinted Illustration